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What is the journey the soul must undertake in order to liberate itself and go back home? Sadhvi Vrinda Om shares a deeply mystical experience of divine grace from her life, as she recounts the exclusive rewards and joys of doing Sadhana with devotion...
Eternal Love
Unravel the elusive mystery of true love that transcends all boundaries of time and space, based on a powerful scriptural legend, older than time itself!
Pillars of Dharma
Is Sanatana Dharma a religion or is it deeper that that? Travel back in time to discover the eternal roots of the most ancient civilisation in the world and the divine secrets of living life the Vedic way....
The Enchanted Night
What is it about Mahashivaratri, that is so enchanting to plants, animals & humans alike? Author Shail Gulhati shares his deepest realisation of the essence of this magical night....
Women and Power During the Vedic Age of Ancient India
Did women in Vedic times lived in a more intellectual and liberal society than ours? From the study of metaphysics to spirituality to knowledge, how did they fare in comparison to men? When did the zeitgeist start changing? Have a read-through to this well-researched piece! ...
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